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I absolutely love going to the mail box mid-month, especially when the box is crammed full with my magazine subscriptions! They are basically handing out subscriptions for free these days, I think Shape just sent me a deal, $14 for 3 years!  Anyway, that time of the month is here and I have been swamped with intense reading! I am going to do my best to update you on all of my favorite things I have found in my reading this month! I like to keep a file of pages I have ripped out of these beauties and as I run out of products, I try new ones to see if the hype is accurate. Here is my favorite article from InStyle, February 2011. 

10 Ways to Smile Brighter (Quoted from Instyle Magazine, February 2011)
  1. Get a Diamond Smile: A simple pair of sparkly earrings (CZ Studs work too) can make teeth appear whiter. 
  2. Whiten in the Shower: “Heat speeds up the effect of the hydrogen peroxide in a whitening formula so you can remove stains faster,” says N.Y.C dentist Jason Olitsky, co-author of The Naked Tooth (amazon.com) who prefers at-home bleaching trays because they protect lips and gums against irritation. 
  3. Bite Into a Green Apple: We’ve all heard it before: Brush after every meal to prevent stains. But according to N.Y.C dentist Pia Lieb, munching on this crunchy, low-sugar snack is just as effective, “Raw fruits and veggies are loaded with fiber, a natural abrasive that can help clean teeth,” she says. 
  4. Give Teeth a Pre-Bleach Treat: Worried that whitening will cause teeth to be more sensitive to hot of cold drinks? Try Go Smile’s potassium nitrate primer. “It reduces sensitivity by closing the pores of the tooth,” says Olitsky. (Go Smile Pre-Whitening Gel $36/8; at Ulta) Go Smile Go Whiter Pre-Whitening Gel
  5. Bronze Up: The more tan you are, the whiter your teeth will look,” says Scarlett Johansson’s makeup artist Gianpaolo Ceciliato, who suggests dabbing a brown-based bronzer on your face. If your skin is dark, opt for a pink highlighter. “Stay away from yellow or golden tones.”
  6. Pass the Cheese, Please:  The surest way to avoid Malbec mouth: Make a beeline for the cheese tray. “Calcium creates a film over teeth and protects them from the acid in wine that can stain them,” says N.Y.C. cosmetic dentist Laura Torrado. 
  7. Add a Subtle Slick of Color:  While a blue-based matte red lipstick is guaranteed to take your smile from dull to dazzling, “the look is dramatic and not for everyone-or for every occasion,” says Stiles. She recommends a cool pink or sheer cherry gloss for daily wear. 
  8. Sip Wisely: “Coffee is the No. 1 cause of yellowing,” says Olitsky. It’s not how much you drink but how long the coffee is in contact with teeth. so unless you plan on slamming your latte, he suggests sipping it through a straw to minimize contact with the tooth surface. 
  9. Floss Daily: Don’t expect wow whitening results without flossing. Teeth with plaque are more prone to stains (substances like wine and coffee stick to the buildup).
  10. Demand Imperfection: Take a close look- the sexiest smiles on the red carpet are not perfectly symmetrical. “No one wants a cookie-cutter look,” says Olitsky. If you’re going the veneers route, ask your dentist for a customized set with minor variations and translucent colors so they’re more realistic. 
Jenica’s Random Notes: 
1) UM, DAVE, bring on the diamonds!
2) I am totally going to up the apple intake for the girls 
3) Another good reason to adore Cheese! 
4) I discovered the most Delightful subtle “slick of color” stick: Tarte LipSurgence natural lip tint Search Amazon.com for Tarte LipSurgence natural lip tint (I dont love the matte one, but these are fantastic!) 
5) Finally, I don't think I can do coffee from a straw- unless it is iced, I will just have to have coffee with cheese or an apple! 

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  1. Jenica, You Mom and I are friends from way back (I'm on FB with her too). I started a blog back in Oct.--mainly just to see if I was smart enough to do it. It actually has turned out to be lots of fun. I post photos and hiaku every other day or so, and it motivates me to be creative and "think" a little more than usual. I know you'll enjoy "blogging" too--I look forward to checking in on your blog frequently. Mickie Brown


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