Tea For Two!

As I sit here drinking (now gulping since I have done this research) my Venti/Unsweetened/Green Iced Tea from Starbucks (of course wishing it was Trenta sized), I thought it would be nice to post a list of all of the benefits of green tea for you. When researching the health benefits, (of course the studies are not 100% conclusive) this list is pretty standard wherever you look. There is a bunch of boring language when you research why these benefits apply. I say, if there is a possibility it can do all of this- I will simply drink it, no need to dig into the medical studies and their validity.  One more thing, these benefits are based on 3 cups of green tea per day, and also talks about other teas (black and white) having amazing benefits as well- maybe a later blog entry! For me, I really like the mint flavored green tea at home in the afternoon and they make decaf green tea bags for evening which is a nice treat before bed. Here is where I found this list and a bunch of great information: http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=foodspice&dbid=146
(OH, and ladies, #18 is all I needed to know, AMEN?!)  Happy gulping!
1. Protects against Death from All Causes, Especially Cardiovascular Disease
2. Protects against Coronary Artery Disease
3. Inhibits Atherosclerosis
4. Special Benefits for Persons with High Triglycerides
5. Thins the Blood and Helps Prevent Blood Clots
6. Protects the Heart in Patients with Acute Cardiovascular Disease
7. Minimizes Damage and Speeds Recovery after a Heart Attack
8.Minimizes Damage to the Brain after a Stroke
9. Lowers Blood Pressure and Helps Prevent Hypertension
10. Protects against Cancer; especially Prostate, breast, Ovarian, Colorectal, Gallstones and Biliary Tract, Lung, Bladder Cancer
11. Brain Tumors in Children
12. Improves the Efficacy of Cancer Drugs While Lessening Their Negative Side-Effects
13. Improves Insulin Sensitivity in Type 2 Diabetes
14. Protects against Kidney Disease
15. Builds Bone (Similar to Calcium or Exercise)
16. Prevents Osteoporosis and Periodontal diseases
17. Protects the Liver from Alcohol and Other Harmful Chemicals
18. Promotes Fat Loss
19. Increases Exercise Endurance
20. Protects against Cognitive Decline, Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's Disease
21. Green Tea Fights the Flu
*Side note, if you eat Pepper (the spice) with green tea, apparently it increases the absorption of “the good stuff”, lets just say.
*AND...for those of you who need a little sweetness in your drink- my SIL loves the Green Tea Latte from Starbucks. 


  1. Looks like you are really enjoying posting on your blog. You've passed along lots of good info.

  2. thank you, it is a fun "hobby"! :) did you say you do a blog also? what is the name of it?


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