Delightful Home Find!

I love it when someone with great style contributes to an affordable line of housewares or clothing- it is never AS delightful as the "real thing" but it does the trick for trendy items. I love that Dwell came to Target, I love that Vera is at Kohls, Norma Kamali at Walmart, Heidi K on Amazon, you get the point. So, I was delighted when I heard that Rachel Bilson came out with a line of home goods for Macy's, I love her style. I dont love everything in the collection- but some of it is fantastic. I think it would be the perfect spring pick-me-up to add a few of the aqua plates & bowls to a table! I love the measuring cups, Peacock feather place settings and the rose bowls to name a few. I am excited to see how she expands on the line, definitely room to grow- but so excited to check it out! Here is the link to the whole collection: http://www1.macys.com/search/index.ognc?SearchTarget=*&Keyword=edie+rose


  1. Okay Jenica, thank you for pointing out such wonderful things. Just ordered a set of the dishes that I didn't know existed till I read your blog...This is costing me money! I appreciate you shopping for me. Love ya dear.

  2. OH YEA! I wish I could have a full table of them- I am coming to dine at your house!! :)

  3. I ordered 10 place settings so come on down.


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