Heavy Reading!

Here is all of the random information I have learned this week- New Magazine Week!!! (I have done some heavy reading: Instyle, People Style Watch (PSW), Glamour & Lucky)
1. Four major labels are launching clothing lines for little ones, based on their spring runway styles: Milly Minis (at Neimans), Stella McCartney (stellamccartneykids.com), Gucci (in case you want your children to dress like JLo's kids) and Paul Smith Junior.
2. Splendid is launching into Footwear with sandals, wedges and flats- coming in March
3. LC (Lauren Conrad) is making shoes for Kohls- coming soon- the flats are pretty cute
4. Apparently, if you are looking for a little splash of color and want to spray tan, find out what the percentage of DHA solution the salon uses- if it is 12% shower after 4 hours, if it is 8% or less wait for 8 hours before showering- this is to avoid orange. (InStyle March 2011, Jimmy Coco)
5. According to Instyle if you want to get glossy hair and maximize your color the day before an event, rinse with a solution of 1 cup distilled VINEGAR, 1 cup chilled water, and a few drops of lavender essential oil (to counter the smell). The acidity of the vinegar "will close down the hair's cuticle, creating the shiniest hair ever" (Lorri Goddard- Clark).
6. Kate Somerville tells InStyle; you should try a yogurt mask- spread 3 teaspoons of greek yogurt (I assume plain) around your face and let it work for 5 minutes before rinsing. "The lactose in the yogurt leaves skin polished and smooth."
7. Urban Outfitters has this super cute jewelry stand to get things organized- love it! This one with the bird is really cute too!
8. There are some "Looks to Lose" this spring according to PSW: Slashed 80's looks, Paisleys, Art Prints, Clear Jewelry, Distressed Jeans
9. InStyle says this is the time of year to purchase Outerwear, Cashmere and Luggage (stores get the new stuff in April) to get the best deals.
10. Finally, according to Glamour, the way you sleep effects puffy eyes- "if you sleep on your stomach or on your side, fluid can accumulate under the skin around the eyes; try to sleep on your back with your head elevated on an extra pillow to drain any access." (Dr. Berson)

That is all I know!!

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