Seven Years...And Counting!

Today marks 7 years of marriage to Dave, my best friend and partner in this crazy life. I always view our anniversary as an opportunity to look back and see where the Lord has taken us and dream about where He will take us in the future. (AND...I always get to watch the wedding video, and I say "I" for a reason, Dave falls asleep before the ceremony begins EVERY year). So I am going to tell you about our journey...because I have a blog and it sounds like fun to tell you about it! :) I love thinking back to when we met, simply because there is no other explanation other than God had a plan for us to meet and he worked out every detail...in spite of us! I prayed daily for my husband, that the Lord would show him to me and that He would guard my heart until I found "the one". Little did I know that "the one" was in Washington, DC working at The White House and I was on the wrong coast to meet him. Upon graduation from APU, the Lord took someone who was relatively uninterested and uneducated in politics and plucked me out of Southern California and by His grace placed me down the hall from Dave working with amazing people and getting to plan events at The White House. AND...the very person who got me the interview happened to be my future husband's boss. Call it fate, I call it my Jeremiah 29:11! Fast forward, we were engaged after 1 year of dating and married on February 7, 2004 in Wichita, KS. It was my dream wedding; 600 of our closest friends from KS, AZ, DC, CA, etc.. joined us on the coldest snowy night to celebrate. My Matron-of-Honor is possibly one of the most talented designers on the planet and she made it the most beautiful wedding..7 years later I wouldn't change a thing! Since the day we said "I do" it has been such an amazing journey of growth, heartache, joy, blessings and adventure. Marriage is possibly one of the hardest things in life and the biggest blessing all in one. Dave is the most kind, generous, loving, caring, smart, loyal, authentic, trustworthy, handsome man I know- I can honestly say that I have never met a single person who dislikes him. I am so abundantly blessed to be married to him and to get to spend the rest of my life with him. Here are a few photos from the big day...I wish I could do it all over again (my dad would say...paying for that once was enough) but, never again will every single person from my past and present be in one room together..must be a tiny glimpse of Heaven- everyone you love in one place celebrating, cant wait!
Here are some pics- especially sweet looking back at the pics of Dave and his mom, reminds me to treasure every day with loved ones!

Without whom NONE of this would be possible! (isn't my mom a babe!)

All of my girls! 
All 600 people!
See D, I did dance with you! 


so sweet- Dave and his mom!
The grooms cake!

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