Spring is Coming!!

I dont know about you, but I am more than ready for spring to come. I am sick of coats, a dirty car, being inside, wearing socks (flip flops please), having no "glow" on my skin, dirty floors..I could go on forever! I have been so excited as all of my March magazines have been rolling in and there are bright colors and flip flops everywhere!! Bring it on! So, I am going to tell you what the top 10 Spring Must-Haves are, according to People Style Watch.  (As I read In Style, Lucky and other mags, it is pretty consistent!) Seems like the 70's are back in a major way this spring! (I would like to say, I do not intend on following all of these trends, I think a few of them will pass quickly and I believe at my stage classic always wins- but you judge for yourself)
1. Bright Colors: Specifically Orange, Pink, Green and Blue. Coral is big this spring, every magazine lists this at the top of the bunch. (I would like to add that Yellow is my personal color of the season, I grabbed the yellow Equipment blouse at Standard Style and I cant wait to wear it)
2. Thick Heels: pumps, sandals, Peep-toes- they love the thick heels
3. Colorful Stripes: They listed this cute T-shirt from Ann Taylor Loft, I personally like the DVF one in the Neiman Marcus Pic above.
4. Envelope Bags: Here is a cute example from Jcrew
5. Sleeveless Jacket: They list examples from Winter Kate, 3.1 by Phillip Lim, BCBG, The Limited
6. Snakeskin: They like this for everything; clothing, shoes and bags
7. Modern Whites: This trend is EVERYWHERE, they show white head to toe is every magazine I have received. This is one of the trends I will be happy to follow!
8. Peasant Blouses: Joie always does this look well, they list all sorts of brands- this is such an easy look to throw on with kids, another one I like!
9. Bright Gold: bracelets, necklaces & dramatic chains
10. Flirty Florals: Vintage Inspired is the way to go here

More Trends I have read about for spring: hot pink lipstick, colorful eye make-up, Boho, longer skirts (mid-calf), high rise jeans, wide leg pants, mixing colors (green and purple, orange and pink, blue and purple), wedge sandals, long necklaces, cat eye sunglasses, Cinnamon (the color) and the new Chanel Black Pearl Nail Polish (so gorgeous).

Here is my favorite shopping philosophy- take it or leave it! It is all about PPW: Price Per Wear. Items like jeans, handbags, shoes, sunglasses, classic shirts and even make-up are well worth a higher price tag because the PPW is so low! Buy quality items that you can wear year after year and invest in them.  When it comes to the trendy items, less (cost) is definitely more.
Happy spring shopping!

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