A Whole New World!

LeapFrog: The Amazing Alphabet Amusement ParkLeapFrog: Numbers AhoyWe have a few new favorite kid movies- I am sure you know about them, but just in case! Leapfrog, as previously mentioned, has the best educational videos. They just released two new videos; Numbers Ahoy and The Amazing Alphabet Amusement Park- both are great!
The other discovery I have recently made (which really applies to girls), is Disney Princess Sing Along Songs. I am the type that is not ready for my kids to sit through a lot of full-length Disney movies. They have watched Nemo, Toy Story and Cars but if there is a really scary character, we avoid it (and nightmares). They love educational videos and still love Praise Baby and Boz so we will stick with those until further notice! However, Disney is so good at marketing that my girls LOVE the Disney Princesses. So these videos are perfect; my girls can see the princesses, dance along to the music, learn the songs and we don't have to deal with Ursula, FANTASTIC!
Disney Princess Sing Along Songs, Vol. 1 - Once Upon A Dream

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  1. Jenica- I bought a couple of the Leap Frogs for the kids. They love them. Sydney has soared with her letter sounds and word formation. Very cool!
    -Amy A.
    (I put anonymous b/c your blog won't let me select a different profile to post comments. Weird.)


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