Wisdom: Anything else to share?

This is the last wisdom post- I hope everyone enjoyed this as much as I have! It is such a blessing that we can join together as moms and learn from those who have gone before us. The other night I woke up and was just really pondering on this: "I want to focus less on MY plans for the future and instead focus on the ONE who holds my future in his hands." We can plan all we want for our lives and our children, but I think a better use of our time would be to seek the Lord and His plans and grow in our relationship with Him. It is a lot more fun and there is so much freedom in trusting Him with all of the details in our lives and the lives of our kids! Thank you to all of the moms who participated!! 

-CC: Take your children to church and Sunday School from the minute they can go to the nursery!  They will feel comfortable there always.  Every once in a while - take a day off and let your kids do the same.  Stay in jammies, eat on a blanket in the family room, play on the floor with your kids and for one day - refrain from saying "In just a minute". Also, you can never start teaching manners too early! 
-CC: (cool products), One of the best things that I have seen lately is the baby food maker from Williams Sonoma.  If takes the things that you are making for dinner already and introducing them to the baby early.  I think in the long run, they will be better and healthier eaters and you don't have to buy that nasty jar baby food.  Introduces texture earlier.
-MH:  Involved in community and neighborhood activities, meal time and bedtime prayers together--always
-MH: One thing I used to tell my students in Parenting class: If you want and/or need advice regarding parenting your child, ask a very white-haired lady who has raised more than one child.  I have had more people tell me this was better advice than anything they received from anything they had read.
-CC2: laundry can and will wait. Who cares if you have laundry baskets decorating each room?  Buy each person in your house a lot of extra underwear and you'll be fine.
Advise on food: don't always cater to their every whim, but don't be a food Nazi either, do you always want to eat what everyone else is eating? Buy a big freezer. 
-SC: Teach a good work ethic from the beginning, don’t assume they can't do something. They can do small tasks at a very young age.
-LG: (LG is new today! but such great wisdom to share for this last one!) Really, the only thing I wanted to say has already been mentioned by several of your friends…..When my kids were babies/toddlers, I wish I would have been more relaxed and worried less about every little thing.  Yes, I read all of the books, did the BabyWise things, was fairly obsessive about routines and scheduling, learning activities, etc. and have great kids to show for it.  But, I wonder if I were to do it again (15 years later), if I could relax and enjoy each moment more.  After having some more life experience, I’ve learned to let go a little more and trust that God is in complete control.  Of course, ask me again when I am finished with teenagers!  Time files!

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