Wisdom: The Panel!

My Panel of Experts!
I am using initials to protect the identity, but I wanted to include this info, so that you can get to know the person behind the answers a little bit- maybe you can relate to some of them!

JM: (this is me! not that I am an expert or that you care, but it might be fun to see my answers now and when I have teenagers! And for new moms, there is already a lot learned in 4 years of mommy-hood!) Kids ages: girl 4, girl 2. About Me: event planner & blogger :). Married 7 years
SS: Kids gender/ages- girl 24, boy 22, boy 19. About SS: Bible studies, mentoring young women especially young moms and young wives, love to shop for shoes,  jewelry, makeup I am a real girlie girl, love to exercise especially walking outdoors, great food and spending time with friends, great wine and reading. 28 years of marriage in May
AA: Kids gender/ages- boy 22, girl 19. About AA: Born to be a mom! –but had tons of early experience from teaching hundreds of children to swim and watching the parent/child relationships along the way. Years Married: 25 and goin!
HJ: Kids gender/ages- girl 10, boy 6. JM Notes on HJ: this is one of the most creative moms I know, she has a way of “training” her children like no one I have met. Her kids are mature beyond their years. She home-schools her kids and is amazing at it. Years Married 15
CD: Kids gender/ages- boy 20, boy 19, girl 14, girl 11. About CD: biology teacher, school administrator, horses, Bible teacher. Years of Marriage: 21 
CB: Kids gender/ages- boy 33, girl 31. About CB: Passion=  Being a Grandmother and decorating on the side, having lunch with my daughter.  Years married:  35 1/2.
CC: Kids gender/ages- girl 32, girl 30, girl 27 About CC: Community Volunteer and Rep for Women's Clothing Line. Married 34 years
CC2Kids gender/ages- girl 13, boy 11, girl 9, boy 7. About CC2 (according to JM): Amazing mom who home schools (and does an awesome job at it), a nurse by profession. We have been married 15 1/2 years
DWKids gender/ages- girl 36, girl 33, boy 32, boy 29. About DW: Camp Director, Teaching Precept Bible Studies. Married 38 years
JSKids gender/ages- boy 12, boy 10, boy 7. About JS: CPA by trade, passion for sports, exercise, cooking. Married18 years!
BF: Kids gender/ages- girl 27, girl 24. About BF: retail business Co-owner. 33 years married
MHKids gender/ages- girl 59, girl 57. About MH: Retired teacher with numerous interests. Years Married: Almost 60 altogether; 30 1/2 yrs. in first marriage; almost 29 yrs. on second marriage
BM: Kids gender/ages- girl 14, girl 11, boy 10. About BM: it's been too long since I've done anything "expertly" that is non kid related! (JM Note: BM is an amazing busy mom, her kids are involved in EVERYTHING and so talented- she gets it all done!) Married 19 years

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