Wisdom: Public, Private or Christian Education?

This decision comes in the blink of an eye, I cant believe we are already having to think about it! As you can see, there is no right answer or formula, but it is fun to hear what worked for others! 
-CD:  I think it is important to step back and ask what the goal of education is before we can answer what system or place best meets that goal.  Read Proverbs 9:10.  Is education just an accumulation of facts with a diploma at the end or is it the accumulation of truth, knowledge, wisdom, and insight?  If it is the latter, then we, as parents are responsible for finding and giving that to our children.
-CB: Evaluating this now as a GrandMother, I am so glad that we did Christian Education.  Although I would have changed many circumstances, my Children learned to love the Scriptures of our one and only God.  Watching them accept Jesus at early ages played out well in both of their lives.
-CC: We never had our children in public school, so I'm not sure I am qualified to even answer this one, but I will say that having the kids in Christian schools through middle school really gave them the foundation that we felt was important.  To know that the school was walking with us as we were trying to teach them about the Lord and salvation I think really gave them the firm foundation that they needed spiritually as they left for high school.  High school was also private and probably sheltered them alot, but looking back that was OK!  They were introduced to the real world soon enough and honestly I think they had the maturity by then to make better choices then maybe they would have at any earlier age.
-DW: Depends on the situation; we did some Christian and mostly public
-JS: My dad was a public school teacher and administrator so we are public.  I think our area has several options though and would support either.
-BF: This is an individual decision based on so many things, like quality of the education in your area, the particular child, etc.  For us, I believe Christian Education was the best thing we ever did.  Those were dollars well spent!  It provided a little protection from a mess of a world! 
MH: Depends on the child, the school and individual needs
-BM: Public
-AA: For our Kids and our public school situation in our city, Christian education was the way to go for us.  We have nothing against public education, we just felt for our kids they could benefit the most from Christian education.  We didn’t necessarily see the real fruit until they reached high school, there was just something to say about where they went to be with friends and who they had as friends.  Most came from Christian homes with somewhat the same principles and rules as we had.  Also, once they went to a very secular, liberal university, they were very grounded in their faith and values.
-JM: Since I have been to every kind of school: Christian (Lutheran), Christian (non-denomination), Public, Private, Boarding School, Catholic, Large State University and Small Christian University- I am always going back and forth about what I want for my kids. I do know this...it depends on the school, the town and the kid! My brother who was one grade older, had a different experience at each school than I did. IF, Lord willing on funding, we are able, I would like my kids to receive a Christian education in the early years at least. I think the foundation is SO important in those years- meanwhile we are praying about it...a lot! It is a really big deal who you choose to influence your child DAILY at school! 

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