Wisdom: What books or resources have influenced your parenting?

I love great resources, here are some great options for you and for me! 
-CD: Shepherding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp, The Age of Opportunity by Paul Tripp, Baby Wise, Growing Kids God's Way both by Gary and Ann Marie Ezzo
-CB: We didn't have many resources when my kids were growing up.  Dr. James Dobson was just coming on the scene.  His books were helpful, but, as the Kids grew older, I spent most of my time in Proverbs.
-SS: The books that have most impacted my life are the Beth Moore bible studies. In regards to parenting Dr Dobson, Mark Driscoll, Gary Thomas, ( it has been awhile since I read a parenting book)
-BM: Price of Privilege, Queen Bees and Wannabes, The Good Son and if course just talking it through with my girlfriends and husband (this us probably #1)
-AA: We have read many many books,, there are several that stand out.  “ The Gift of Honor” and “The Blessing” , Spiritual mentoring of Teens,  The five Love languages, several other Gary Smalley books, both about kids and marriage.  Joe White’s books, both that we read and our kids read.   “Be There”  by John Trent. 
-JM: Of course, Babywise, Babywise 2, Toddlerwise, Childwise, Pottywise ...you get the idea, Love Gary Ezzo! 
-SC:Dare to Discipline”, “The Strong Willed Child” Dr. James Dobson 
(SC is new today, she is AMAZING, the mother to two, mother-in-law to 2 and grandmother to 6! Quite possibly one of the neatest ladies I know!)

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