Wisdom: What books or resources have influenced your marriage?

Make sure to comment if you have anything to add to these lists! 
-CB: Dr. Larry Crabb made a huge difference in our early marriage.  Also, our Mentors, Marv and Ellie Martin helped us through life through books, encouragement, example, and just being there to walk through it with us.
-CC: Hate to admit it, but I don't read alot of books.  I use the Bible and my devotionals and the Lord shows me things during the times that I'm in.
-SS: I love love love Marriage and Respect by Emerson Eggerich. I didn’t read the book but did the DVD series. Very impactful. Also Gary Thomas “Sacred Marriage”,  Shaunti Feldhein “For Women Only" and “For Men Only”
-BM: Marriage covenant group at church.  YPO seminars
-SC: The Bible has had the biggest impact on our marriage. 
-JM: Wild at Heart by John Eldredge, Dave and I read this together. Ladies, if your man has not read this book, buy it for him and you should read it too! Power of a Praying Wife is also great. 

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