Wisdom: What has been your primary struggle in raising your children?

Let's face it, we all struggle at times, that is when the Lord works on our priorities, our pride issues and allows us to grow as a person. What a blessing to learn from the struggles of others and see where those issues might lie with us and our kids. I want to have open eyes to my struggles and hopefully grow from them now. With open eyes.........
-CB: Staying on the same page with my spouse on how to raise kids.  Releasing control and accepting the loss of control.  Understanding Gods plan for my Children and not my plan.  OPEN HANDS TO THE HEAVEN'S IS ALWAYS A MUST.  When I closed my hands, I would take the control back into my own hands.  This didn't work out well.  Releasing did.
-CC: Sometimes I felt like I was so busy making sure everything was checked off, that I didn't REALLY enjoy my girls like I wanted to.  That is what has been so great about becoming a grandmother. 
-DW: Sometimes coming together as a couple with a united front
-JS: Fear of failure, theirs and mine.  I've learned that my definition of happiness is not necessarily theirs. 
-SS: Wow what is a primary struggle with raising my kids !!! It varies with their age . I think knowing that God is for them. There will be disappointments and that is so hard. We want or kids to be happy but that is not in their best interest. Life is hard and we are training them to look to Jesus. If life is easy who needs God. It is hard to have that perspective at time. I have seen my kids grow through those difficult seasons. That is what we want . We want our kids to grow and develop their own walks with the Lord. I also at times struggled with wanting my kids to look a certain way in their behavior because after all that is what a Christian should “look” like. That I realized was my pride and God has made that obvious to me.
-BF: My primary struggle was probably giving up my career.  I never regretted it at all but it was still hard.  Motherhood is thankless at times and time-consuming.  It has the greatest rewards in the long run!!
-BM: Jumping in to situations too emotionally before really hearing what they are saying/meaning
-AA: Probably staying consistent with our parenting with each child even though they have different strengths and weaknesses.

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