Wisdom: What information do you wish you would have known when you were at home with babies that you know now?

Good Stuff!
-HJ: I wish I'd known about  Bumbo Seats!  They weren't invented yet when I needed them...how did I ever make it?
-CC: That baby wipes take out any stain!!
-JS: that time FLIES by and before you know it they're in jr. high and NEVER home. Celebrate being with them, even when the days seem long!
-SS: this too shall pass
-BF: Don't get caught up in "right answers"  There are as many answers as there are kids.  However, listen to others and glean what might be right for YOUR child.  Be willing to try things.  And remember.....no one knows your child as well as you.(probably)   I would never give up trying to solve an issue.  Sometimes we are smarter than Doctors when it comes to our kid!
-MH: Times are so much different now than when I was a Mother of young children but  I believe my greatest failing as a mother with young children was trying to instill in them "What will people think" rather than "Is this pleasing to The Lord".  We were fortunate to have family and friends of all ages and my children were comfortable to be with all of them.  They knew how to behave and were always well-liked by them and that was important to me; not until they were older did I realize "me" is not the One who should be pleased with  their behavior---it is "OUR" behavior that I missed!
-BM: This too shall pass, and so much more quickly than you realize.
-CC2: There will be a day when you can sleep in again (We even ask whoever comes in our room first (to check if we are awake) to take the dog out! Lucky kid!)

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