Wisdom: What is your best advice for maintaining a healthy marriage with children?

Here is question 2, I am going to have to post 2 per day so I can get all 13 questions in this week! Enjoy! 
-CB: Your spouse is your life-mate, your children are gifts that need Roots and Wings.  The choice of a mate is the most important thing you do next to choosing to serve Jesus Christ, so you better plan on going the distance with the mate of your choice.  Once a year trips just the two of you is necessary, And reasonable bedtime hour (8:00) for children in their own beds is a must and non-negotiable.  Download time without distractions is necessary.  COMUNICATE-COMUNICATE-COMUNICATE. 
-CC: Definitely have a date night and a yearly vacation with your husband.  Most importantly NEVER get so busy that you each find yourselves doing your "own" thing to the point that you are not doing anything together.  I think women who have busy husbands find themselves totally involving themselves their children and their activities, or their own activities that when their husbands do come home, there is no room to fit them in.  They have been so busy "handling" everything that they convince themselves and make their husbands feel that they are not needed and are guests and before you know it - they are and you become strangers to each other.  Went through this and by the grace of God, we came out on the other side of this!
-DW: Save some energy for your husband
-JS: Find a baby-sitter, make him/her part of your family, pay them well and use them often to reconnect with your spouse.
-SS: maintaining a marriage takes effort. What is my husbands love language, do I respect him? We have fun together date nights and get ways are a must. When I talk with young women who struggle with leaving their kids for a kid free vacation they feel so guilty. I tell them they are doing this for their kids . This is so important . Our marriages needs to come first. Gary Thomas has said that god doesn’t use marriage to make us happy but to make us holy. It is an invitation to grow and growing can be painful.
-BF: You must take time for the marriage.  It has to be healthy for the FAMILY to be healthy. It's very tempting to put all your time into "motherhood"  but we are called first to being a good "wife"   Please have "date night" and other time in the relationship that is not centered around the kids.  Get a sitter and make TIME for your marriage!
-BM: Time away from the kids on a regular basis and let your kids know that your first priority is always your spouse.
-JM: I always love Ephesians 4:26b“...Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry”

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