Baby Shower Guide!

It is nearly impossible to stay on top of the latest and greatest for baby gear! I was at dinner with my sister-in-law who had her baby (#3) in a great carrier, the Ergo. When I was buying gear, the Bjorn was untouchable, but this one was so great I wish I would have had the option when I had infants! I have a list on this blog of all of my favorite baby gear, but there are so many new products available that I was excited to find this list on coolmompicks.com. I stand by my list for the basics and I dont totally agree that every item on this list is necessary, however I am all for different opinions and this is a great one!  If you dont know about coolmompicks.com, check it out. Always great finds! Whether you are registering for gifts, shopping for yourself or purchasing a gift for someone else, these are great ideas. To make it even better, there are discounts through 2011 if you purchase them through their link. 

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