Guest Blog #3: Sweet Dreams!

The Good Nite LiteA friend introduced me to Good Nite Lite and it is the best kiddo night light I've seen!  My husband and I love this product! Our two year old daughter, Brynn, was somewhat inconsistent with her wake up time; some mornings it was 6:45 a.m., other mornings it was 7:15 a.m.  So when I heard about this amazing night light, I couldn't wait to give it a try!  Good Nite Lite plugs into the wall and glows like a blue moon when it's bedtime.  Parents can set a wake up time, much like an alarm clock.  At that given time, the moon will change to a sun.  It's a golden sun, but Brynn calls it an "Orange Sun!"  Our current wake up time is 7:45 a.m.  We've taught Brynn that if she wakes up in the morning and sees the blue moon then she needs to go back to sleep or play quietly in her crib (I leave a few books and a doll at the end of the crib).  Once she sees the sun, she can call for mama to come get her.  This new routine has been great and has made our mornings more consistent.  It gives me a little time to prep for the day, or if I'm extra tired I can doze until I get the call, "Mama, orange sun!"  It's really fun to hear her get so excited to see the "sun" in the morning!  Now that Brynn is potty trained, it's made life a bit more interesting!  Sometimes she calls me to use the potty before the sun is illuminated.  I want her to be able to use the potty, but I also don't want her to think it's a way to get out of her crib early.  She is allowed to go with mama to the potty, but since the blue moon is still glowing, she must go back to the crib and wait for the sun!  This system has worked great!  We don't have accidents and we don't veer from our night light routine!
The Good Nite Lite was featured on The View and CBS's The Doctors.  I haven't see this product in store, but it can be ordered from The Good Nite Lite website. http://www.goodnitelite.com/

Megan (San Francisco, CA) 

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  1. Just ordered this! Thought it would come in handy while the kids are sharing a room in our apartment. :-)

    Amy A


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