Since I started this blog, I have discovered other blogs that I love to check in on. It gets to be a little much to put them on my favorites or check my iGoogle or my dashboard since all of the blogs have different options of ways to follow. I recently discovered BlogLovin, you can enter the name of your favorite blogs and click "follow" on any blog that you like. When you have all of them entered, you will have a little newsfeed where you can see all of your blogs on one page. They have an option for you to click "mark as read" or "like" on the posts- like Facebook for the blog world. I just really like how simple and easy it is! It also has suggestions of other blogs you might like as well as a list of the most popular blogs on the site.
Here are some of my favorite blogs that I follow on Bloglovin: (I follow others you can see on my profile, but they are not on Bloglovin yet)
A Cup of Jo
A Diary of Lovely
* Baby Bangs
* Enjoying the Small Things
* Brunch at Saks
* Ciao Bella
* Dear Lillie
* Cupcakes and Cashmere
* Mimi + Meg
* WhoWhatWear
* Jones Design Company
* Design Sponge
* I Heart Baby
* Imparting Grace
* Momdot
* Lee la la
* The Glamourai
* Design Mom

Obviously if you go on, make sure to follow Delightfulmomstuff, or you can click on the icon to the right of this page to follow! :) Have a fabulous weekend! 

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