Easter Series 5: Movie Time!

I love Easter movies, of course Passion of the Christ is great for adults, but there are so many great kid's movies too! Our favorite is Veggie Tales An Easter Carol, we watch it all year long and we are so excited that there is a new Veggie Tales Easter movie this year, 'Twas the Night Before Easter. I love Easter movies that are about the actual meaning of Easter, not just the bunnies. Of course there are so many options: Dora's Egg Hunt, Winnie the Poo- Springtime with Roo, It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown, etc.. I was initially excited about the new movie Hop coming out this year, it is always fun to take my 4-year-old to the movies. I was concerned that it is PG (I stick to G ratings for her) and a friend of mine told me about pluggedin.com to get a review of the movie. For me, we are going to avoid Hop, I don't think I need to introduce my 4-year-old to Hugh Hefner yet (hopefully not ever!). I love that this site (owned by Focus on the Family) covers everything and lets you decide what does or does not bother you. The topics include: positive elements, spiritual content, sexual content,violent content, crude or profane language, drug and alcohol content, other negative elements and a conclusion. I really appreciate this service for movies that I am not able to pre-view! 

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