Easter Series 7: Traditions!

I asked a few wise mamas to share their favorite Easter traditions or recipes from when they had little ones. I always love to hear what traditions other families have, if you have any good ones, feel free to comment and share! 

DW: Tradition: The "pagan" in us didn't give up the Easter egg hunt/trail.
We always made a candy trail from their beds to their Easter basket & we
hid Giant Fudge Eggs with their name on them and "bunny money". When they found the "bunny money" they would come to their Dad and he would ask them a question from the Bible about Easter and if they answered correctly they received the amount of cash on the "bunny money" candy...as they got older the questions got harder so the kids always read the Easter story right before Easter so they are up on their Bible trivia!
Baked Eggs: Prepare the night before
Night before:
Line cupcake tins with piece of bacon
Crack egg into each cupcake hole
Teaspoon of milk on top of each egg
Next morning:
Pour cracker crumbs on top
Dab of butter on top
BAKE: 30 min. on 350
(This is our family joke...kids say no one liked them but it was "tradition" so I still made them every year) JM NOTE: I have made these and they are great! 

JS: My favorite memories with my kids were all the things you think about...dying eggs, gong to Easter Egg hunts. My husband and I both chuckle when we think about how many meltdowns they had if their brother got more eggs than them!
I also loved dressing them in their Easter best.  Three boys rarely lends itself to fashionable attire, but every Easter they would have matching outfits with cute khakis, golf shirts and sweater vests.  They didn't let me do it for very long and they still love to see the pictures!

MH: My favorite memory of Easter activities would be the dying of eggs.  We would wash them, boil them and dye them.  It was fun to mix the colors, use our creativity in decorating them.  It was fun to make baskets out of strawberry baskets, egg cartons, etc.  Of course, the egg hunts at Grandma's was always fun/this was shared with cousins.  I think the reason that this particular activity was special we could follow the entire process from choosing the eggs to the hunt.  We also loved the new clothes; the family get-togethers and most of all, learning more about the true meaning of Easter.

MMWe always had lots of fun on Easter but we did nothing 'special', or over the top!  Here are a few things we did however.
*One year we went to church with some out of town guests and then said goodbye to this tradition.  We stopped by KFC and took our wonderful chicken lunch to the beach and played in the sand all afternoon!  I was happy to have a break from cooking and we were all happy to play outdoors!  Our friends had a hard time not doing the traditional meal and egg hunt.
*Several times we have had a big sugar cookie decorating party.  We get the cookies all made, fill the middle of the table with frosting, sprinkles, etc and invite friends or extended family.  It's fun for all ages, girls and guys!
*We usually put coins in the plastic easter eggs to cut down on the candy.  They always loved counting their stash after the egg hunt!
Here is a recipe we use to have a 'make your own Belgian Waffle for Sunday Brunch.
Oh Boy Waffles
2 1/4 cups flour
4 t. baking powder
3/4 t. salt
1 1/2 T sugar
2 eggs separated
1/2 cup salad oil
2 1/4 cups milk
Mix together dry ingredients.  In separate bowl, mix egg yolks, milk and oil.  Mix with dry ingredients.  Beat egg whites til stiff.  Fold in.
For Gluten Free I use Pamela's GF baking mix in place of the flour and keep everything else the same.  I also add vanilla and cinnamon.
I put the mix into the waffle maker and let people add their own mix ins such as chocolate chips, blueberries, nuts, bananas.  Then shut the lid and bake.

Have a Happy Easter!

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