The Worst Kept Secret!

This is the worst kept secret, mainly because I haven't kept it a secret.. except to the FB/Blog/Twitter friend world. I am sure you all already know this info- but just in case, in honor of Mothers day, I am going to tell this little personal story! 

Many, LORD my God, 
   are the wonders you have done,
   the things you planned for us.
None can compare with you;
   were I to speak and tell of your deeds,
   they would be too many to declare.
(Ps 40:5)

Here is the scoop: I have been "OB hopping" for almost a year trying to get some relief for pain and what they thought to be endometriosis and possible other issues. My mom and grandma had "endo" around my exact age and since it is hereditary, we all assumed I was following their pattern and was done having children as they were at my age. Three different doctors told me I needed to have some surgery to get pregnant and even then it was not guaranteed, I might need several surgeries. So after a lot of prayer and receiving a great gift of peace, Dave and I made the decision to be done with kids and go ahead with the suggested hysterectomy to relieve the pain. And, how blessed are we to have two beautiful, healthy girls! I was giving things away, and frankly feeling liberated about it! :) I went in for the final sonogram so I could schedule the Hysterectomy and they called the next day...and there is a baby in there! It is an absolute miracle in every way, we are so grateful for the Lord's plan for us and have (yet again) learned that His plan is ALWAYS better than our plan. There is so much freedom and peace in patiently casting our cares and desires upon the Lord and trusting Him to unveil His plan and purpose in our lives. 

I am now almost 10 weeks along and I am reminded why I have said twice before during this trimester..NEVER AGAIN..it is almost unbearable! I am sick all day, sick all night, tired, chunky, zit faced and just plain cranky! For those mamas who have never felt more beautiful than when pregnant- I am truly happy for you- you should have 6+ children! For me...I am blessed beyond words by this third baby and I will rejoice when that sweet baby is in my arms and not in my stomach! I know a lot of people wait for the first trimester to end to spread the word, but with the 4th pregnancy (one miscarriage) I realize that no matter what happens, others can share in your joy or pain and the Lord uses ALL things for good. So, I am trusting the Lord with this baby and this pregnancy and am excited to rejoice with you all over this miracle from the Lord. 
So there it is, I have not been good about blogging lately (or doing anything really) but I am sure as I am researching the new gear for the new baby I will be inspired to blog away! Stay tuned for the gender reveal..of course I will find out ASAP..I am a planner! 
Thanks for letting me share the good news, Praise God! 


  1. Such a blessing! Love, love, love this story. And I think most of all-Love the peace you experienced in both places. You're walk is an inspiration to many!-Me included!
    Glad to call you Sister!

  2. Congrats Jenica! Thank goodness he knows best :) Hope the sickness subsides soon!

  3. I love this post. I am over the moon for you guys!! He or she will be such a lucky addition to the already wonderful family. xo, Maggie

  4. Congrats Cuz!! This is wonderful news. You and the little one will be in our thoughts and prayers


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