At the Car Wash!

Before I had kids, I remember thinking- why does anyone let their kids eat in the car? There were few things that disgusted me like sitting in the back seat of someone's car who had kids. The miscellaneous sticky stuff, the goldfish or other crackers smashed into the cracks of the seat, bags of trash, etc.. I just could not imagine how a car would get to that condition. UNTIL I had kids! I pride myself on being a clean car person, but sometimes it is just more than I can manage- especially after a road trip! I have learned that food is absolutely necessary in the car at times and if a road trip can go faster by feeding the kids in the car, that is exactly what I will do- totally worth the mess! So, we just returned from a weekend road trip and the car was absolutely trashed. I am trying to be thrifty so I am avoiding the full service car washes- surely I can drive my car through the wash and burn a few cals while vacuuming myself (and I do a better job than those men!) but the issue is my 2-year-old Izzy hates the car wash. She is deathly afraid of every cycle that occurs while her sister is squealing in delight at each color of bubble! She not only hates the wash, she is scared to tears of the vacuum as well! Since I love the car wash (and need it) I refuse to skip the car wash just because she doesn't like it! In fact, it makes me want to go more often so that she will get used to it! Today, we went to the car wash, and SUCCESS! She did great through the wash (I gave her a baby to hold and she comforted the baby through the wash) then when it was time to vacuum- I gave both girls the baby wipes and let them go crazy cleaning the inside of the car. They loved every minute, they wiped down the seats (front and back), the door handles, the console- you name it, everything is squeaky clean! They were so busy cleaning that Izz didnt even notice the vacuum. The best part is that we all had so much fun- they loved crawling around the car getting everything wiped down and I love my clean car! As I was leaving I noticed a mom with middle school aged children who were wiping down their car- so I realize I might be the last person with this idea- but I am sure glad we did it today, it revolutionized the car wash experience for us!

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