Good Thing I Have Creative Friends!

One thing you probably already know about me or need to know, is that I am not crafty. Sure, I own a hot glue gun and have remnants from my forced scrapbooking hobby in college- but that is where I draw the line. Since I discovered the Mac photo books, the pressure to circle cut and write in swirly fonts was forever over! You will not see me or read about me sewing something or making something from scratch for my kids- the farthest I ever went was finger weaving and friendship bracelet making in middle school. period. That being said, I am in awe of my girlfriends who are not only good at crafty things, but seem to enjoy it! I was over at my friend Amy's house the other day and she has the most darling kid table she purchased inexpensively and made it DELIGHTFUL by sewing cute pillows and skirts on the chairs, etc.. I just think, well Dave is out of luck with me, he will just have to shell it out for me to pay someone else to make things look cute! :) 
That is a long way around saying, my friend Maggie started a darling Etsy site called LilyCole http://www.etsy.com/shop/LilyCole  it is so much fun to see a friend truly follow a passion and love what they do and Maggie is so talented and made for this stuff! I love the child's artwork on the pillow http://www.etsy.com/listing/70985585/your-childs-artwork-embroidered-made  such a cute keepsake! So go check it out- I am not very good at surfing around Etsy, so if you have any good shops on there you like- comment and tell us about them- love creative moms! 

Here are some other cute Etsy sites I like:
1) Again, love LilyCole http://www.etsy.com/shop/LilyCole


  1. I love etsy! I will definitely be checking these out. Right now, I am going to print off your baby supply list!

  2. Great Petie- hope you are feeling great- so excited for your family and the two little ones!!! Excited to see your baby when he/she comes!


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