The Glow Necklace!

If God says no to our requests, it’s because His glory matters more than our preferences. ~ Max Lucado

As previously mentioned, we are at the lake for the summer. We love it here- there is something so refreshing about simplicity for a little while. It is not necessary to wear make-up, get my regular highlights, put on anything that isn't comfortable, blow dry my hair, dress the girls for the day...things like that! It is so nice to not watch TV (I am on book #3 for the summer), to actually listen to music, invest time and really play with the girls, catch up with friends, etc.. that being said, there isn't much else going on! Since we are feeling a bit cooped up in this heat we decided to make a big outing to Pizza Hut (that is one of 3 restaurant options in this area!). As we entered, Ellie noticed that..gasp...there were new options in the little quarter toy capsule vending machines! Both girls immediately started begging for the plastic (if you could even call it plastic) necklace that looks like it would fall apart upon removal from the capsule. I told them we would sit down and discuss the options. We were seated and I discovered that I did not have any change or dollars to get change. It just wasn't an option tonight. You would have thought I took away the air Ellie was breathing, it was tragic! Because they have been so good today (I have had a cold and they have taken good care of me) I decided to offer the option of a glow necklace at the grocery store, frankly, a MUCH better offer (obviously short on options). She couldn't seem to get past the cheap vending option, which left me no choice but to remove her options all together. This whole scenario made me so frustrated, I wish her sweet little mind could understand that I was TRYING TO BLESS HER!!! I was trying to go above and beyond her small-minded request and give her "riches" far beyond her expectations. It reminded me of how we are with the Lord. We get so stuck in our "wishes" and our desires and get so frustrated when we don't get what we want- and the Lord says- if you just wait on me and my plan, I will bless you above and beyond anything you could ever request. It is always the times in my life that I open my hands to his plan and patiently wait in His perfect timing that I am blown away by His blessings. Yes, they often take longer than I would like, but SO worth the wait! So, just to encourage you today- don't get hung up on the cheap vending necklace- the Lord wants you to trust him for THE GLOW NECKLACE!! Or even better- he might even hook you up with a little David Yurman! (not literal of course!) If he hasn't answered your prayer yet, prepare yourself and open yourself up to His plan..guaranteed it will be a lot better.  Matthew 6:33 says, "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." Just seek Him and don't worry about the want! One more thing- how sweet is it when your little one shows sincere gratitude for a blessing..AMAZING...dont forget to praise Him for His glorious riches He has blessed you with! 

Proverbs 19:21 Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it's the Lord's purpose that prevails. 
Jeremiah 29: 11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Isaiah 30:18 Yet the LORD longs to be gracious to you; therefore he will rise up to show you compassion. For the LORD is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for him!

This is Boat Hair!

Have you ever seen hair like this! Just had to share what Izzy looks like after a 5 hour boat ride in 100 degree heat. I love this pic so much I had to share it! Have a fabulous day!


Sidewalk Painting!

Usually, I try to avoid activities that the clean up takes longer than the enjoyment- so paint is usually reserved for school! However, I discovered sidewalk paint and thought- a hose might be the answer to my clean up issue! The girls loved it and it washed off with no problem (even from the clothing-although I did wash it immediately, dont know how it works if you let it sit in the sun)- of course the paint ended up being body paint instead of sidewalk paint- but it was still fun!

Half the fun was washing off on the slip and slide! Love the simplicity of summer! 


The Name Announcement....

Well, we have a name! I have loved this name from the beginning, but it took some time to get sign off from everyone! Last night I looked up the hebrew meaning and we all unanimously agreed- that is the name!!! I have been praying about the name for a while now and this one just sticks with me, so here it is:
Amelia (Milly) Katherine McMaster- Amelia means "Work of the Lord" in hebrew and Katherine means "pure"- I think that pretty much says it all- this baby is a pure work of the Lord! (in case you dont remember the miracle, here is the article ) I love researching the meaning behind the name we are speaking over the girls, Elliana (Ellie) means: The Lord has responded and Izabella (Izzy) means: My God is a vow. We are really excited to start praying for her by name and talking to the girls about their sister Milly! Thank you for all of the suggestions, it is fun to hear everyone's favorite names and get input! 


This is Your Chance!

Dave and I are brainstorming names- we are having a horrible time- which is totally unusual for us! I, of course, have a name I like, but no sign off from Dave. So, this is your chance to weigh in- if you have any ideas of girl names, you can comment below with your name suggestions. I would really love your ideas since we are stuck!


The Big Reveal!

Have you seen the Pee-Pee Teepee (above)? Well, the good news is...I don't ever have to use one!!!!!!
We went in this morning for the sonogram and there is a sweet healthy little girl coming in November! I could not be more excited to be the mom of 3 girls and no one is a better girls daddy than Dave. We are so excited, the girls are beaming! They loved every second of the sonogram- seeing every body part on screen with their priceless comments was amazing! At one point when they had the spine up on screen, Ellie said, "Look, I see the teeth!"- and you know, it did look more like teeth than a spine! :) Dave would have loved a boy, but, we could not feel more blessed that the baby is healthy and with a miracle like this, we are so excited to see how to Lord uses this little one! 
We will let you know the name soon, we are not ones to hide it. We like to get the name set and start praying for the baby by name ASAP. We will continue praying about the name the Lord wants to give this little one, we think the meaning behind the name is so important. We want to speak a blessed name over the baby and her life...so I will let you know the meaning too! 
Pink Pink Pink- love it! 


Summer Update!

Here is a little update for you all on our summer...
First, we are blessed beyond imagination that we (the girls and I) get to spend the summer at Table Rock lake. Dave is studying for the bar and we are allowing him to do so with minimal interruptions. He did get to come to the lake for a couple of days this past week and we are in KC for 2 days this week, so that is fun to have some good daddy time! He will get a couple of weeks off before starting back to work after Labor Day, we are so excited for some family time with him. That being said, I have been a little MIA on here because the internet doesn't love the lake all of the time! And, I love being "unplugged" down there! Here are the girls at the lake- happy happy girls! 

Praise the Lord, I am feeling better and able to really enjoy the summer with the girls. Other than laying my chunky baby bod on the dock in a swimsuit every day, I feel back to normal! Which leads me to the reason why we are back in KC for 2 days! I have "the big reveal" tomorrow- I am talking boy or girl reveal- and we are so excited to know who is in there! Obviously, everyone seems to have an opinion on this baby- and overwhelmingly they think it is a boy. That being said, they have thought my first two were boys also and as you can clearly see from the pictures above, they were wrong! My grandfather was 1 of 8 boys, Dave is 1 of 3 boys, I have a brother, my dad has 2 brothers and we have 7 nephews (7 and under) so the thought of me having all girls seems impossible for people to believe. When I was pregnant for the first time, I assumed it was a boy. I thought, surely the reason I was raised with a brother who made me sit through endless "boy activities" my whole life was to prepare me to be the mother of boys. I was surprised and blessed to get my girl! Second pregnancy was the same, I thought that I would have a boy since I was raised in a family with 1 boy/1girl. I was excited at the idea of 1 of each- but another girl came and I was pumped! Now for #3, I am not going to lie, I would love nothing more than to leave the girl clothing in the drawers, leave the pink on the bed, dust off the pink peg perego and pink bugaboo parasol and have a pack of girls running around here! I dont know that I am prepared to mix things up with boy (which is probably why the Lord will stretch me and give me one)! Dave would, of course, FREAK OUT if he gets a boy and I know the Lord would prepare me to be the mother of a boy. I am just saying, if I got to "place an order" we would stick with pink around here! So either way we win, the Lord has blessed us with this miracle baby and he will give us exactly what we need. So, check back tomorrow- I will let you know when I know! 
Another fun thing to share, I have been doing the Beth Moore Inheritance Bible study. I download them online and watch them from my computer with the listening guide. It is an amazing study, I highly suggest doing it. It is $5 per session to download and I have loved doing that at the lake. 
That is my update for today, I will write tomorrow as soon as I have news- we can hardly wait! 

Here is the pregnancy story if you havent read it: http://delightfulmomstuff.blogspot.com/2011/05/worst-kept-secret.html
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