The Big Reveal!

Have you seen the Pee-Pee Teepee (above)? Well, the good news is...I don't ever have to use one!!!!!!
We went in this morning for the sonogram and there is a sweet healthy little girl coming in November! I could not be more excited to be the mom of 3 girls and no one is a better girls daddy than Dave. We are so excited, the girls are beaming! They loved every second of the sonogram- seeing every body part on screen with their priceless comments was amazing! At one point when they had the spine up on screen, Ellie said, "Look, I see the teeth!"- and you know, it did look more like teeth than a spine! :) Dave would have loved a boy, but, we could not feel more blessed that the baby is healthy and with a miracle like this, we are so excited to see how to Lord uses this little one! 
We will let you know the name soon, we are not ones to hide it. We like to get the name set and start praying for the baby by name ASAP. We will continue praying about the name the Lord wants to give this little one, we think the meaning behind the name is so important. We want to speak a blessed name over the baby and her life...so I will let you know the meaning too! 
Pink Pink Pink- love it! 

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