The Name Announcement....

Well, we have a name! I have loved this name from the beginning, but it took some time to get sign off from everyone! Last night I looked up the hebrew meaning and we all unanimously agreed- that is the name!!! I have been praying about the name for a while now and this one just sticks with me, so here it is:
Amelia (Milly) Katherine McMaster- Amelia means "Work of the Lord" in hebrew and Katherine means "pure"- I think that pretty much says it all- this baby is a pure work of the Lord! (in case you dont remember the miracle, here is the article ) I love researching the meaning behind the name we are speaking over the girls, Elliana (Ellie) means: The Lord has responded and Izabella (Izzy) means: My God is a vow. We are really excited to start praying for her by name and talking to the girls about their sister Milly! Thank you for all of the suggestions, it is fun to hear everyone's favorite names and get input! 

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