This is Your Chance!

Dave and I are brainstorming names- we are having a horrible time- which is totally unusual for us! I, of course, have a name I like, but no sign off from Dave. So, this is your chance to weigh in- if you have any ideas of girl names, you can comment below with your name suggestions. I would really love your ideas since we are stuck!


  1. I like both Annabelle and Annabeth. Sean nixed both of those for us. Sorry I can't tell you our name yet, but you'll know on July 29th. :) There are so many cute girl's names it is hard to decide!

  2. I love Lainey Elizabeth what do you think of that. meaning of Lainey-Light of the Son. Pretty good huh?

  3. Katherine Elizabeth and call her KatieMcMaster.

  4. Would Dave go for this name---Liberal and call her Libby?


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