Today was the first day both girls went to gymnastics! We had a blast- Izzy is a natural and loves the whole thing and Ellie is a perfectionist and gets frustrated when she cant do everything perfectly! Izzy still has to do "mommy and me" class, so I get to do gymnastics too...while fully pregnant! Such a fun day- every stage of motherhood is so much fun- but to see them in classes learning new things and seeing how their personalities unfold in different situations is a blast! Every time we do something new or are put in a new situation, I see new "teachable moments" and learn how the Lord wants me to help shape their hearts to be more like His. It is in these situations when I can start teaching them humility, patience, love for others, grace and confidence in the person God has made them to be. I feel so passionately that we have to invest in every moment at this age, moms! We are only given 5 years where we are the primary influence in our children's life (unless you homeschool) until we hand them over to school for 40+ hours a week and trust them to teach our children the core issues of the heart. It is a serious job, not for the weak, to pour into our kids and give them a firm foundation for life at this very young age! I dont want to miss a single opportunity- not even in gymnastics class- to do just that- build the foundation! Here are some gymnastics pics- have a great rest of the week! 

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