The Time Has Come!

Today is Day 1 of what I consider to be the worst toddler training activity there is...Potty Training! I like the 3 Day potty training method http://www.3daypottytraining.com, it is hard core but as with any other "training activity" I feel like the more consistent and determined you are at the start the more lax you can be later! Izzy shows NO signs of readiness, but this method says the only sign she needs is the ability to communicate (not necessarily with words)- we have no problems there! I really want to get this done before school starts and before baby Milly comes in December- so this is the best time for us- otherwise I would put it off forever. Of course, we have been planning this for weeks and it never works out how you want it to. Both girls have been sick and are on the tail end of sinus infections, Dave fell at the lake and fractured some ribs, so he cant move or help much, I woke up feeling like I am getting sick- but what better time to be locked in the house running to the potty! We started the day by setting up the potty in the bathroom, getting the "special treats" displayed by the potty, Izzy went to her room and took off her diaper and threw it away, picked out a new pair of panties and we have been shoving liquid down her ever since. I just need to say that, I love diapers- unlike my potty-trained daughter, she doesn't have to go in public restrooms touching everything, she doesn't need to go on airplanes- (usually the minute the fasten seat belt sign is turned on), I dont have to monitor fluid intake after 7pm, she sleeps 12 hours a night (my other daughter did this before she needed to wake up early to potty) and so on. For those of you who haven't potty trained before, let me just say- it isn't pretty and it isn't necessarily easier with the 2nd child! You are virtually following your child around asking them "are your panties dry" and cleaning up "accidents" all day! And let me not forget...laundry, laundry, laundry!! So this is day 1- we are 2 hours in and we have gone through 3 pairs of panties and no successful potty trips...yet. But I have faith that we will make it happen...by Wednesday! I will keep you posted on our progress- as I am sure you are dying to know! :) Prayers are welcome, I believe the Lord even cares about our potty training (and a mother's sanity)! So here's to pretty panties and saving money on diapers- at least for 3 months! 

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