Butterfly Garden!

My friend Amy is FULL of good info, she always finds good stuff for kids- here is her latest find! Thank you Amy!

This is a great science lesson in disguise, plus some! My kids and I watched the infomercial for the amazing Live Butterfly Garden for months. After my daughter's repeated requests I ordered it as a surprise for her. This little kit has turned out to be one of my top favorite kid things. 

After receiving the kit you have to send off for your live caterpillars. I really had no idea how they would ship caterpillars in the middle of August, but five little guys made it safely in a small container. We have watched the caterpillars weave their cocoons from silk and then attach themselves to the top of the container. We've placed them in their butterfly house and now are awaiting the big day where they will turn into beautiful butterflies.
This fun activity has given me opportunities to teach my daughter about the nature and science of how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. But most importantly, it has been fun to talk about God's hand in the process. It is fascinating. God can take something that is brown and squishy and turn it into something beautiful and majestic. Birth, transformation, sanctification and glorification all on the level that a child can understand.
I hope you'll consider doing this fun project with your kids!
Mom of 2
Frisco, TX

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  1. I love that this experience gives you a chance to weave faith and science together. I would have loved this as a child too!


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