Introducing Amelia (Milly) McMaster!

As most of you know, Milly is here! She came 11/30 at 11:53am weighing in at 7lb 7oz and 18 inches long! We did find out today that she is Coombs positive (just as Izzy was) so please keep her in your prayers. She has to be in the ICU until her billie ruben goes down, so as a sleepy mom who just wants to snuggle with her little girl- I am a touch emotional! I get wheeled down to ICU every 2 hours to feed and snuggle for 30 minutes- so we are praying for a miraculous healing so she can come be with us in the room again SOON!!! Meanwhile, I have a touch of time in the room to update some photos- so here you go! Thank you for all of the messages and prayers- we are blessed! 
{Daddy and Milly- the hospital made her that cute stocking!}

 {Izzy is nuts about Baby Milly}

{Ellie (or Mom #2) with Baby Milly}

{Allison with baby Milly- she saved the day hanging with the chix!}

{My big girl at the hospital!}

{The Whole Family!}

{Me and My Girls- Dave is WAY outnumbered!}

{Dave with the girls!}

{Cici and Pops with the McMaster girls!}

 {Uncle Matt, Aunt Emmy and Rogan with Milly}

{Henley and Milly}

{rogan with the girl- we are missing sweet Riv- coming soon!}

{All of 6 Grandkids for Cici and Pops!}

I will hopefully get some cute pics of my precious girl when she is out of ICU- she has a delightful going home outfit I will need to share! :) Thank you again for your sweet thoughts and prayers- Jenica
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