Another Dump..Part 3!

I have so many random things to share, I have been a little tied up recently with baby Milly, so no time to update on here!
Here it goes:

1. One of my favorite Christmas gifts was the Clarisonic Mia- I truly think this is the most delightful beauty product of the moment! I did a lot of research and everyone said the Mia was the way to go instead of the big Clarisonic. Here is the link. I clearly love Phillips products, since their Sonicare toothbrush is my previous favorite product of all time! My skin feels delightful thanks to my new tool!
2. My mom and dad got the kids Kinect for XBox 360- I want to start by saying, I am not a fan of video games for the lazy factor, however the Kinect is an amazing product- if the girls are a little restless or pent up in the house durning these winter months, I can turn it on and they dance with Dora, or snow ski, you name it they are actively moving around getting the energy out and having a blast. I think it will only get more exciting as they get older and can really figure it out. Side Note: The Disneyland Adventure game is too old for my girls (5 and 3 yrs old), I was excited for them to see the princesses, etc.. but it is a little advanced.
3. I have two new favorite IPad/IPhone Apps: (see my previous favs here) a) Fancy Nancy dress up and books (thanks to my friend Katie for telling me) b) Dr. Seuss Band
4. I am so proud of my brother, his clothing line Baldwin is doing so great- Olivia Wilde was wearing his KC hat  recently and GQ did an article on his jeans being their new favorites! They really are great jeans- they have jeans for kids, men and women (and a full line of clothing for men). My favorites are "The L" which are so soft and delightful- (legging jeans). I actually love all of them! Ellie has the kids legging jeans and they are darling on her! Dave, who is oblivious to fashion, loves his Baldwin jeans and looks great in them (if I do say so myself!). If you are near KC, go see their new store at 119 (or the plaza store)- the new store is beautiful! You can also order online or check to see if there is a store near you who carries the line. www.baldwindenim.com 
5. I have a few new add-ons to my Trader Jo's list: check it here additions are at the bottom of the list
6. I love Tazo Zen Green Tea and Tazo Awake Black Tea- Starbucks uses them for their iced teas (which are amazing)- so I have been brewing them at home and putting them over ice- same thing as Starbucks! (great hot too)
7. Karen Kingsbury books are some of my favorites- they are entertaining and fun Christian fiction books- I am never disappointed. It you haven't read any- start with the Redemption Series- you won't be sorry! I did not read anything but magazines and started the first book in the redemption series and was hooked (and now really love to read). Her new series is a continuation of the family in the redemption series and the newest book just came out (the Bailey Flanigan series). I wish I would have read them earlier, they really are inspiring- like a fabulous Christian soap opera without all the trash of actual soaps! Check out her books here: http://www.karenkingsbury.com/books
8. Random note: recently I have been putting cucumber in my water to mix things up a bit- it is delightful (like a spa) and my girls like it too! We, of course, like cucumber in everything!

That is all for now, happy 2012! I am overwhelmed by the Lord's blessings and guidance in 2011- so many miracles, prayers answered (both yes and no- and I am grateful for both), lessons learned and wisdom received. It is good to be a daughter of the King and I cannot wait to see what He has in store for 2012!

If you missed the Dump: Part One and the Dump: Part Two make sure to check them out!

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