Love These Custom Books

A friend told me about this website and I am so excited about it! They make custom books for kids that will help them get through a major life event; new baby, new school, big kid bed, etc.... They also have them for babies to recognize the people who love them, to learn body parts, to get through mommy leaving and so many more. They enlisted child experts to help them write the stories in these books and they are darling. Check it out here: www.twigtale.com. I wish I would have ordered one for the girls before Milly was born, it has been a major "unknown" for Izzy especially. You can see samples on the book pages (here is the sibling sample). I actually wish I had one of each- it is an awesome idea. My girls love to see pictures of themselves in books and to read their names in stories. I am excited to order one for Ellie to go to Kindergarten, she will be much more successful if she has all of the information up front. I will most likely need the moving book as well soon, which will be awesome to prepare them for that! Make sure to check them out, you will love these! 

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