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If you missed my post on Parenting: "Who's The Boss" feel free to check it out- if you read it you will remember me talking about coworkers- these are some of my favorite coworkers!

One of the greatest blessings in these early years of parenting has been walking through them with our children's godparents. My parents chose godparents for us who prayed for us and supported us in our walk with Christ. I found it to be such a blessing and I wanted my children to have praying godparents as well! We prayed for Ellie's godparents while I was pregnant, we wanted a family who would be committed to pray for her and who we could go to for support as she is growing up for wisdom and advice. The Lord confirmed our choice and Ellie has awesome godparents who pray for her (and all of us) on a daily basis. I have been praying about Kindergarten recently and it was so wonderful to be able to call her godmother and ask them to pray with Dave and I on this decision. There is nothing like authentic friends whom you can trust to pray with you and support you and Ellie's godparents are just that! Not to mention they spoil all of the girls rotten! When it came time for Izzy's godparents, we really prayed about it and the Lord confirmed that her godparents were some of our oldest family friends, who happen to be my godparents as well! They are another couple who authentically pray for the girls and are always there to support us and encourage us. (Of course, they spoil the girls rotten also!) It is amazing for my girls to have the love and support of godparents- and the girls quite simply have a blast with them! Since Dave's mother passed away at such a young age, it is a blessing for my girls to have that extra loving family outside of their parents and grandparents to have such a special bond with! We are currently praying about Milly's godparents- it seems impossible to match the first two couples, because they are so wonderful to us- but we have an idea and know that Milly will have wonderful praying godparents as well! I wanted to share this with you because it has been so amazing for us, I encourage you to pray about godparents for your children- it is absolutely one of the best decisions we have made in parenting! Here is a pic of my girls with their godmothers!

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