Five Years..Let's Party!

Today is Ellie's 5th Birthday- five years ago today the Lord trusted me to be the mom of His precious girl and I am so grateful! At this phase of life I feel like the days go by slowly and the years go so fast! We had a red and white Ariel party for her last weekend, so I thought I would share some pics with you- we hired "Princess at my Party" and the sweetest "Ariel" came and ran the party! She did a treasure hunt, face painting, had fun goodies for all of the kids- it was so much fun, Ellie was in heaven! Here are some pics from the party (thanks to my friend Krista for using your gift to bless us with some fun pictures!)

 {I did red and white food}
{My little confectionery table- not as beautiful as a professional cake, but I love baking them!}

 {Aren't these party cones darling- from Sweet Lulu}
 {Paula Deen says that boxed cakes are better when you substitute the water for buttermilk (I substitute milk for water in all packaged mixes) and it makes cakes delightful!}
 {5 year-old cocktails- sprite with cherries! The paper straws are from Sweet Lulu also- they were a hit}
 {Izzy as Cinderella Bride}
 {Yes, Ellie needed clip-on red hair for her Ariel costume!}

{the Girlfriends all dressed up!}

 {Opening the treasure chest}
{Izzy getting her face painted}
{The whole family before the party} 
 {The girls with cici and pops}
{This pretty much says it all...all smiles at her party!}

There you go, we had a blast...and have been celebrating ever since- I am exhausted from celebrating! Happy Birthday Sweet Ellie!

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