All Kinds of Random Thoughts!

Happy Spring Break! This is just a quick little brainstorm of things before I forget! 

1) I, of course, LOVE Pinterest (if you are not on it, you need to get on there- so much good info!)...but my affections are being shared with houzz- basically all of the cool house stuff on Pinterest is from Houzz. It is awesome- you need to check it out. Now if only my actual house could look like my Pinterest or Houzz house! (there is a free houzz app for the iPhone and iPad too- hours of fun!)
2) How cute are these TOMS for spring for the girls: 

3)  Tomorrow,  3/15 DVF for Gap comes out (Diane Von Ferstenberg) I don't know that I will purchase anything from her line full price (it is Gap after all and they will have it on sale before we hit the check-out button) but it is cute stuff! Here are a couple of my favs: 
4) Just a follow-up, lent is going well- I am just hating not being "in the know" on Facebook, but I am loving the hourly reminder to check in with God and praise Him for the sacrifice of His son. I do feel out of the loop though! oh FB! [LENT LINK]
5) I just ordered my spring/summer flip flops and lip color- I feel like a new woman with some fresh highlights, a new lipstick and bright flips on my hot pink toes! I love spring time! I have a shopping philosophy and it seems to work for me- PPW=Price Per Wear. I think it is worth the money to buy quality on things that you wear or use the most often: Sunglasses (daily), jeans, handbags, some shoes (running shoes, flip flops, uggs- the shoes you wear daily not just on a special occasion). If you invest in an item that you really love and is not a seasonable fad- you will wear it for years to come and the PPW is really nothing! 
6) A little while ago I memorized Deuteronomy 31:8 "The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.” I can't tell you how many times I have referenced this scripture- it never gets old- I have been reading the Bible for 20+ years and I learn something new every time I open it- it really is a blast to walk with the Lord and learn from him! 

That is all for now- I am so excited and hopeful for this spring! 

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