My 10 Most Exciting Products for Spring!

I am so excited for spring, we were so blessed with a mild winter- but I am ready for flip flops and no coats! We just got back from Scottsdale and I have had a little time to invest in my new spring beauty routine and I am excited to wear non-maternity spring clothing- so here are some things that get me excited for spring (or just excited in general!):
1) My new flip flops- I have a thing for yellow!
2) My new Lip color of the season: Trish McEvoy Vibrant Pink, I love Trish lipstick- it is really moisturizing and this one smells delicious! Some have SPF, some are sheer- but they are all wonderful! I am pretty sure this color would look good on anyone!
3) My SIL introduced me to the Clarisonic Deep Pore Cleansing Brush- I had no idea my Clarisonic could go deeper! I love it!
4) I am excited about this make-up primer by Smashbox- it only takes a little bit but it really helps make up not sink into pores or wrinkles (which I notice more of every day!) It has SPF, which I like- I really wanted to dislike this product and return it, but it is awesome and it will last a long time with the small amount needed to prime!
5) Colored denim- I am excited to slip into some coral Baldwin Denim- when they come out!
6) We don't watch a lot of Nickelodeon in our house- but my friend Katie introduced us to "The Fresh Beat Band" so I downloaded a season from ITunes and the girls watched it on the airplane- I must say, it kept them entertained the whole trip- no need for the case of DVD's!
7) I started using the Trish McEvoy: Golden Glow Face Color it is really lovely- it is bronzer and blush in one swoop- the perfect glow for spring!
8) I have a "make-up friend" (MUF) at Neiman Marcus in Scottsdale (she is actually my mom's MUF but I love her too) and I always order my Dior make-up from her because she is awesome- last time she accidentally sent me regular DiorShow so I have been using that instead of my regular DiorShow Blackout- anyway...I ran out of DiorShow so I purchased the Blackout again and WOW, what a difference- Blackout is WORLDS better- I have tried every mascara on the market and this one is worth every penny!
9) This really doesn't have a lot to do with Spring- but I am still excited about "all Free & Clear Mighty Pacs"- It is laundry detergent in little pacs that dissolve in the wash- I just love them and love avoiding the measuring and mess!
10) I finally tried a "BB Cream" and I am really excited about it- although I haven't tried enough of them to know which brand is going to be my favorite- (if you have a favorite, let me know). If you haven't heard of BB Creams, apparently they are the hottest thing in beauty right now- a little more coverage than tinted moisturizer but not a foundation. They claim to do everything: brighten, prime, SPF, anti-aging, absorb oil, even skin tone..you name it. I tried the Smashbox BB- but I look forward to trying more! Here is some more info on them: {LINK

There you have it, 10 extremely exciting things! I can honestly say that spring is my favorite season- I love everything about it! 

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