Recipe Monday: Lahvosh Pizza

Ok friends, I am so excited, my friend Katie agreed to do a "Recipe Monday" this week- she is an amazing cook and I am really trying to convince her to do this every week...hint hint Katie! :) I am so excited for you to try this recipe, she made it for us a couple of weeks ago and it was delightful!  
Enjoy and thank you Katie!

I'm so excited that Jenica asked me to write a blog post for recipe Mondays.  I love cooking and trying out new recipes, especially ones that are easy to put together.  This recipe was one I had years ago and I happened to run across the recipe the other day.  I'm so glad that I did.  I actually made this the other night for some girlfriends and it was a hit.

Lahvosh  Pizza
A note about Lahvosh....you can find it in the deli section of most grocery stores.  It comes in a pack of three.  It runs about $11 for the pack but it lasts a long time so it makes it worth it.

1 piece Lahvosh
1 brick cream cheese, softened
1 container basil pesto
5 or so Roma tomatoes, seeded and finely  diced
1/4 cup red onion diced
A bag of the shredded Italian blended cheese

Mix together the cream cheese and pesto.  Spread this mixture on the bottom of the Lahvosh.  Top with diced tomatoes and onion. Sprinkle cheese on top.  Place under the broiler and watch carefully, it will brown quickly.  Depending on how long you let your broiler preheat, it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes.  Cut into pieces just like you would a normal pizza.

There are endless toppings you can do with this....add chicken, sun dried tomatoes, capers, artichokes, olives, shrimp, feta cheese, walnuts, etc.

One of my favorite pizzas is chicken, roasted corn, red onion, cilantro, and jalapeƱo. I am going to try that on Lahvosh this week but instead of mixing cream cheese and pesto I am going to try cream cheese and cumin or maybe even taco seasoning.

A buffalo chicken pizza would also be great....just use plain cream cheese and mix in franks hot sauce, chicken, blue cheese and maybe some shredded carrots.

Just a few ideas to try, but really whatever your family likes on their pizza will be great.

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