Easter Series: The Baskets

I am not quite sure what to do about the "easter bunny"- it is almost more than I can handle to lie to my children that there is a jolly man who comes and brings them gifts at Christmas through the chimney and tell them that when they lose teeth a fairy comes in the house and for some reason wants their dead tooth in exchange for cash. I just cannot go with the bunny who somehow sneaks in and leaves a basket full of candy for them- just can't do it! So, I am just really ignoring the subject all together- I am, however, going to have a fun little easter basket out for them on Sunday morning when they wake up. I feel like they get plenty of candy at the "hunt" so I am doing a non-candy basket- here are some ideas in case you need inspiration! This is good for Grandparents too!

NON-Candy Easter Basket Inspiration:
-sidewalk chalk
-bath toys
-squinkies (these would fit in eggs)
-coins in eggs
-new markers or crayons
-garden seeds- I like the idea of giving new life to something on Easter
-flip flops (we like Havaianas)
-nail polish
-Lego's in the eggs
-new shorts/T-shirts (if they will be getting them anyway...why not use it for a gift!)
-new swimsuit (same reasoning as above) 
-new toothbrushes/toothpaste
-event tickets (movie, ballgame, play, etc..)

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