Easter Series: It's a Good Friday Indeed

There are many things to say on this GOOD Friday!
1) It is hard to explain to kids how we are so grateful and glad Jesus died- but I think I am going to have my girls "sacrifice" something special today to teach them about God's amazing sacrifice for us on that Friday- Praise God for his amazing Grace and sacrifice of His only son who took away the sins of the world- we can't earn it, we don't deserve it..but we can live in freedom as children saved by an Almighty Father! There is no freedom like the freedom found in a relationship with Christ Jesus! Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, is as exciting and amazing as a relationship with Jesus- it is a blast! (End of Day Note: we gave up TV today- best decision ever- we need to do that more often!)
2) I told you about my favorite "good friday song" last year {LINK} Please take the time to watch the music video- awesome...he suffered and died for YOU! (LINK) (NOTE: the video is graphic and not for young kids, they would not understand yet)
3) Today is my friend/former roommate Mindy's bday!! Since I can't publicly tell you on Facebook- Happy Birthday Minds!!!
4) Today was the day, one year ago, when I went in for the ultrasound to schedule a hysterectomy {See story here} and they found my sweet baby girl in there! One Year later...she is 4 months old and has a humongous chunk of my heart- I am SO grateful for God's sovereign plan and that it is ALWAYS ALWAYS better than my plan!

FINALLY...I wish you a very Happy Easter- He Has Risen Indeed! We are going to be hunting for eggs, hanging with family, eating Cadbury Eggs (my absolute favorite- I discovered the tiny ones recently- absolute perfection!), dressed in our Easter best, playing outside and celebrating that the Son of God conquered sin and death and on that third day...the tomb was empty!!! Have a fabulous weekend! (PS I might have to block Monday out for my Facebook reunion- I have so many pictures and status updates to plow through- I will be swamped!) 

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