Moms Are Delightful!!!!!

Since there is all of this media buzz about moms lately and it is approaching mother's day I thought I would mention a few thoughts today! If you see/talk to me, I would avoid discussing this whole Hilary Rosen vs Ann Romney controversy- I am studying the book of James right now and it might just be more than my tongue can handle to hold back my true thoughts! :) However, I have a few nuggets to write!
1) If you haven't read my thoughts on our JOB as moms, here is the {link}
2) My friend Mercy, who is a mom of 5, wrote this great op-ed, here is the {LINK}
3) Being a SAHM is not a rich/poor issue- I have sacrificed a LOT and I know all other moms have as well to be home with our children- we have 5 years (if you choose traditional education) to be the primary influence in our children's lives- that is a HUGE job- don't let anyone make you feel stupid or unworthy because you don't "clock in" at an outside workplace!

NOW...On to Mother's Day ideas!
4) Check out my friend Maggie's Etsy page- it is a fun gift idea to turn your children's art into a pillow or framed art, here is her {link}
5) These are THE best blankets- and you can put her name or monogram on it- seriously the best!
6) I love these personalized towels at Pottery Barn, perfect for the lake, beach or pool!
I am going to do a series of ideas from moms/grandma's...stay tuned!

Ok...off to bed so I can wake up and WORK!!!!

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