Spiritual Gifts

Something I have been researching and thinking a lot about in the past year or two is the topic of: Spiritual Gifts. I am not talking about your God-given "talent" or abilities (that you were born with), I am talking about your gifts from God given by the Holy Spirit to unite us as one body of believers with the central purpose of bringing glory to God and reaching people on His behalf (given when you are re-born in Christ). The most common places to find scripture on these gifts are found in: 1 Corinthians 12:7-11, Romans 12:6-8 and 1 Peter 4:11. That being said, I am not an expert by any stretch, so I am not going to elaborate on this, but I will tell you about an awesome website I found http://theresurgence.com/series/spiritual-gifts - you can go through all of the gifts and it really helps you pinpoint which gifts you have been given and which gifts to pray for. I found that a couple of gifts I thought I had been given were not as strong as others I didn't even know I had! We are to pray for all of the gifts and we are to serve outside our gifting, but I believe that knowing your spiritual gifts will really help you serve your family, your church and your community (and beyond). Also, I want to thank the Lord for these awesome gifts and give him glory when I receive any acknowledgement for using my gift. I will give you a small example- one of my gifts is the gift of Administration- when I am in a group setting that is where I am the happiest and most useful- but when I receive acknowledgement for using this gift- it is fun to be able to say- "I am blessed to use my gift of administration" and give God the glory. You get the idea- so if you have not explored your gifts- check this website out {LINK}. It was fun to go through them with Dave also, I think it is important to know how your spouse is gifted as well!

Hope you are having a Delightful week- I am having trouble saying "NO" to all of the Easter candy lingering around- I think a "dump" is in order where the Cadbury Eggs are involved!

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