Summer Learning Ideas

Hi friends, I am just writing a quick something today to tell you about some fun things we are focusing on this summer- just in case you want to join us! 
1) We are memorizing one scripture verse per week with the girls (if you are friends with me on FB I have a fun video posted on there)- we start on Sunday and practice it every day- usually before bed time. Last week was Isaiah 41:10, this week is John 14:6. "Jesus Answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." I am going to post our weekly memory verse on here every Sunday and you are welcome to join us in memorizing it..and it will remind me to stick with it if I put it on here! 
2) We are learning some spanish this summer- I know a small lick of spanish from 2 years of high school spanish (which took me 4 years to finish- if we are being honest!) So I found this DVD {LINK} and the girls love it. Ellie has watched it 5 or so times and already knows almost every word- I don't know that she knows what she is saying, but it is a foundation! 
3) As previously discussed, we love Leap frog videos- they came out with two new ones recently. Numberland {LINK} and Phonics Farm {LINK}. Here is my previous post about videos {LINK} we love ALL of the Leapfrog videos. 
4) For this summer on DelightfulMomStuff, I am going to write a little weekly post on a spiritual virtue from PrayerWithPurpose Passionate Prayers for Children. I have loved praying virtues and scripture over my girls and so I thought you might want to join! 
5) Finally, we are going to continue to focus on our Preschool Prep videos, especially Meet the Sight Words videos and Meet the Phonics videos. My girls love the videos and learn so much. My 3-year-old even knows her sight words from watching. 

Hope this is a little summer inspiration for you, I would love to know your ideas for Summer learning. 

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