Catching Up!

I am so sorry I have been in a "slump" lately with the blog- I feel like my time is not my own these days- I really am much more at peace when my schedule is peaceful...but I have a feeling it will be a whirlwind for the foreseeable future! I can't seem to catch up, thus delightfulmomstuff is suffering! However, I did want to check in today and tell you about this past week- I promise this won't turn into a blog of my life or a photo blog (I realize I am no photog)- we will return to fun products and kid ideas as soon as I am inspired :)! Here you go- Can you believe May is over?
{Let me introduce you to a slice of Heaven! We get to spend some time at my parents lake home at Table Rock Lake and it is just amazing!}
{S'mores are a must}

 {I have a picture of the girls in front of this sign for every year of their lives! We love the Blueberry farm!}
{Have you seen a 3 year-old pick blueberries in high heel flip flops? Well, now you have!}
{This is Izzy likes to be- driving with Pops!}
{The Diva coloring on the boat}

{Milly loved her first boat ride!}

MOVING ON.... Guess who is 6 months old today? This girl! 

{There is just something about #3, especially when you know it is your last biological child- it is AMAZING, she is AMAZING!!! they all are, but this one doesn't sass me....yet!}

FINALLY, I am so sad to say that my first nephew(dog) passed away today. Bentley was literally a part of our family- he was the best dog on the whole planet! We used to have 2 dogs and had to give them away when we moved for Dave to go to law school...I cried for 2 years, but having Bentley around made it okay- my brother and sister-in-law let us take him quite a bit and my girls literally thought he was their dog. Here is a tiny tribute to an amazing friend. If you have lost a dog or know someone who has- it is just rough- and you can never sympathise until you have lost one you love- a huge chunk of our hearts left with B today! 

RIP sweet Bentley! 

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