Mother's Day!

 I am sneaking a post in to fill you in on our day and make sure I wish all of you a Happy Mother's Day! I figure, I can't have a blog called "delightful MOM stuff" and not acknowledge Mother's Day! We had a great LONG day, we drove to Wichita, KS (where I am originally from) and got to see some special friends and spend the morning with my Grandma and Aunt- a quick 24 hour turn around! It was great to see everyone! Here is a little picture tribute to my mom and her mom from this morning- I have the best mom, I am so blessed to have my mom as one of my best girlfriends. Mom, I love you tons and am so grateful for you, I count you as one of my biggest blessings! 

{Me and My Mom}
{My girls}
{Me, My Mom, My Girls, My Grandma and My Aunt Cheryl- 4 Generations!}
{They LOVE Grandma!}
{Milly loves Grandma!}
{Our little family!}
I am so blessed to be a mom, to have a great mom and to raise 3 future moms! There is NO job that is harder or more challenging and at the same time fun and wonderful...and there is no higher calling from our Heavenly Father to raise our children up! Bless all you moms out there- I am 100% sure we will never regret the investment of pouring time, energy and love into the lives of our children! 

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