Happy Birthday to My Dad!

Hi friends! Since today is my dad's birthday and I haven't even made it to the store for a card- I thought I would give him a little "tribute" on here! My dad is literally the best dad on the planet- you might think your dad is- but mine actually is! (haaa just kidding, yours is probably great too) He has taught me more about grace, unconditional love, generosity, determination, hard work, patience (etc..) than anyone. I truly believe I am able to accept the Lords free gifts because my dad has always given to me with no stings attached- never wanting one thing in return! I love how he loves my husband and kids, I love that he is a loyal friend, I love how he loves my mom, I love that he never has a harsh word to say about ANYONE, I love that he is funny, I love that he is so smart, I love that he never takes no for an answer, I love that he has taught me SO much, I love that he is so wise and I love how he loves the Lord! Happy Birthday Daddy- you are the absolute best!!

{With Ellie}
{With Izzy}
{My girls adore POPS!!! or Popsy as they call him!}

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