Recipe: Penne Pesto Pasta

Hi friends- I am in a serious "blog rut" so I will try to snap out of it! I thought I would share this EXTREMELY simple "recipe" with you- hang with me- because it isn't really a recipe, I just throw things in the pot- but this is what I do! 

Penne Pesto Pasta
-1 box Whole Grain or 100% Whole Wheat Penne Pasta 
*boil the pasta according to the directions
*drain and return to pot, cover with olive oil- just to avoid sticking 
-stir in Pesto (I like the giant jar of Sams pesto- then I can add until it looks like the pasta is covered- you can buy pesto at any store or make your own- see below)

In a separate skillet:
-1 jar of Sun-dried tomatoes (see fun fact below) (I like the chopped or julianne cut- not the whole)
- Hand full or small jar of Pine Nuts (these are a lot cheaper at Sam's or Costco and optional if you get them mixed in with the jar of tomatoes- but these make a big difference!)
*heat up in skillet on medium high heat then dump in pesto pasta
- Chicken- (optional) I usually just get rotisserie chicken or bake boneless, skinless chicken tenders in pesto (350 degrees for 45 minutes) and then chop it up

Stir it all up and you have a delicious meal- everyone loves this one! 

Fun Sun-dried Tomato fact: From Link
Sun-dried tomatoes provide the most lycopene, gram per gram, than any other food- even more than raw tomatoes. Lycopene is currently the most powerful antioxidant which has been measured in food and is thought to play a role in preventing cancer and heart disease.  

  1. Pesto Recipe: From LINK
    2 cups basil leaves (fresh leaves only & firmly packed 2 cups)3/4 cup parmesan cheese (grated)3/4 cup olive oil (I use Extra-Virgin)3 garlic cloves1/4 cup pine nuts
    Directions:Combine all ingredients in blender or food processor & cover.Blend on medium speed about 3 minutes, stopping occasionally to scrape sides, until smooth.

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