Sniff Sniff- The Kindergarten Date!

I have been staring down the barrel to KINDERGARTEN for a few months now- and since it is less than 1 month away, I decided it was time to start preparing Ellie to go (and preparing myself as well!) I scheduled our babysitter to come today, Ellie got to choose "fancy" outfits for us to wear and we hit the town at 10am! 

First Stop...Unsweet Iced Green Tea (she had extra water) from Starbucks

Next up...H&M for some School Clothing- her favorite item of the day was the hot pink purse (totally not school related)! 

Since we were on the Plaza, close to Daddy's work- we grabbed some mexican food with him (I had envisioned a tea room- she and daddy wanted chips and salsa!)

We dropped daddy off and headed to the mall- when she first went to Preschool I said I was not going to purchase all of the "character" stuff- she had a darling owl backpack and it had nothing to do with Disney brainwashing my child to buy their merchandise...well, now that she has been given the choice...
Thats right...Cinderella will be heading to school with us every day! 

Since it was 110 degrees today..we needed a little ice cream break- so we hit Glace- our favorite spot!

From there we headed to Standard Style and grabbed a couple of "necessities" and we ran out of time...without one pencil! We went home to get the other girls and headed to Target to quickly get all of the actual school supplies! I didn't expect to get so emotional about this school thing- but I did! I just can't believe that this precious gift, my firstborn daughter, whom I have spent every day with for the past 5 years- is starting school and will be out of my home 5 days a week for the foreseeable future! I have to share influence with complete strangers at school every single day- I am just not prepared! I am so excited to see what God has planned for her and to watch her spread her wings- but I would really rather lock her up in my home for the rest of her life and not allow her to experience any heart-ache, loneliness, fear, rejection, cruelty, etc.. I have a feeling God will teach me as much as He will teach her! One thing is for sure- school or no school...we will keep having date days and she will never wonder one second if her mama adores her..I am going to be by her side every step of the way! 
Next Chapter...Coming SOON! 

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