Before and After: Kitchen Table

Hi! So, I completed a little project this week and I thought I would share it! First of all- I am no photog- so do not judge the photography! There is a big old mess in the background- because I did not stage- just snapped some shots for you! 

{My parents gave us their old kitchen table for our new house- it does not fit in my gray and white house as you can see- I forgot to shoot the table- but you get the idea from the chairs}

{Here are my products- love the Rust-oleum sprayer for the cans below- makes it a million times easier!}

{My cousin is an amazing painter (on the side) and she saw how I rigged up my "painting space" and actually left work to bring me her painting boards- apparently it is not good for the cloth to blow against fresh paint- go figure! But it was a great idea- I laid out my drop cloth and put the boards all around it and it was amazing!}

{Another little "note to self" do not get a pedi and then paint a black table in flips- my feet still have black paint on them- bad planning! Pretty sure I never intended to put a pic of my fat toes on the blog- oh well- :)}

{ I purchased the gray and white chevron at Hobby Lobby- it was a little thin and so I used some special reinforcement material under it- I learned how to recover from Pinterest...of course}
HERE THEY ARE!!! I am pretty pumped!

{I will give you a full "before and after" of our new home SOON- but this is a little something that makes us all very happy- every morning we wake up to rainbows from the chandelier- what a special blessing! Hope you get a little idea from this pic- they are literally all over the kitchen!}

Here is a "before and after" for you!

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