Elementary School

Just like that...I mean... in a flash- we are in to Elementary School! I can hardly believe it. I am so excited for Ellie- but like I said before, I would really like to keep her in a little bubble her whole life and completely censor every single item that ever goes before her eyes or in her mind. I do not ever want her to be exposed to the nasty evil things of this world..however, I just dropped my baby girl off at "public school" this morning and I am just going to have to be intentional at home and completely trust God that His plan is perfect and he has my girls in the palm of His Almighty Hands! I had to remind myself of this as I was looking around the library and noticed several books that I would not ever want her to read- I realized the days of small Christian Preschool have come to a close and we are in a new chapter! Ok...so that was my mental issue of the day :)
Before I tell you about the first day I need to give you some background- When I was pregnant with Ellie, I had to be induced into labor because I was a week OVER due and still not dilating. I had to get "the cream" and Pitocin and after 19 hours of labor and STILL no dilation- I had to have a C-Section..and she still gave them trouble when they were pulling her out. I should have known...1) Ellie is stubborn 2) Ellie really likes being with me 3) Ellie is not one to just jump into new situations- it takes FOREVER for her to get comfortable! I tell you all of that because not much has changed in 5 years! Every year she has gone to Preschool or Mom's Day Out, it takes her a solid two months to be completely comfortable- usually starting with serious tears. I have been anticipating Kindergarten for quite some time now- she is starting over with no familiar faces, we just moved and I have been really busy- which has her a little anxious- so I have been preparing myself for complete meltdown! Ellie is doing afternoon Kindergarten which is wonderful. We got to relax all morning and just hang out. I think this will give me one more year to really soak it up. I hope that I will use that time to just hang with her- color, play, do lunch, etc.. I just want to enjoy the simple things before she is in school and activities all day and there isn't TIME! It is for that reason- we are not doing any "activities" this semester, we are just going to enjoy and discover without all of the busy! Ok...here is our day!

{One thing I have learned from having all of my possessions in storage for 3.5 years is this...USE IT!! I have just decided nothing is too fancy- if you've got it and you love it- just USE IT! So..Ellie and I drank our juice out of my silver goblets this morning- and it was delightful!}

{My mom took Izzy to the lake for a couple of days- but Milly got to celebrate school with the big sis!}

{The backpack is a BIG deal!}

{Big sigh of relief- no boys at her table- she has funny boy issues, her daddy doesnt mind that she doesnt want to hang with boys!}

At this point..I left the building and there were NO TEARS, my big girl just sat down at her sweet little table and DID KINDERGARTEN!!!!! So proud of that girl! 

{Meanwhile...I got to hang with this girl! Would you believe she is getting a ton of teeth and is miserable?}

{I decided to show up for pick-up extra early- like 30 minutes early- I just wanted to make sure I was there when she was released since I didnt know what to expect...Apparently I was not the only one- I arrived to a serious line! We are crazy moms! Anyway- it was raining when I arrived- of course! But it stopped just in time for that sweet little face to exit the building, at the front of her line, smiling from ear to ear!}

{Dave has had to work really late this week, so we decided to head down to where he works and meet him for a little ice cream before he had to go back. Ellie was surprised and loved hanging with her daddy!}

{I grabbed this shot- she LOVES her daddy!}

There you go- that is our day! I feel like a 100lb weight has been taken off my shoulders- we did it- one down, two to go!! 


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